Singapore Advices & Services, shorter SAS, is your opportunity to learn something new. The medical world is constantly developing and my sister and I decided to make a place online for trustworthy medical articles. She had a medical education, while I am a writer. Both of us can and will deliver to you the best practices that could improve your health and well-being. Today, people are in a hurry almost all the time and don`t have the opportunity to look for useful tips and tricks. In fact, we truly believe that our medical articles for back pain, hair and tattoo removal, skin pigmentation and etc. will help many people to sort out what they need to feel better.

In addition, we from Sas.sg will find examples from real life and tell you their stories including with their opinion for the procedure they had. Imagine that you have a chin augmentation or double eyelid surgery and you want to tell everyone that these procedures are safe. Real-life experience is way more important than everything else that’s why we will pay special attention to it.