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Achieve Instant Facelift with Dermalift

Life nowadays is pretty hectic, don’t you think? With the everyday hustle and bustle, it is easy to forget and compromise certain things in life. We do this to our bodies a lot of times. We overlook eating healthy and taking good care of our skin. When eventually everything starts to slow down, we get to take a peek at the mirror and—wait, what is happening to our face?

Fine lines, wrinkles, droopy cheeks – how can it be possible that we look so haggard and old so seemingly quick?

If you have the same crisis with most of the patients that come to see me and want a solution that is instant, then you have come to read the right article as this is exactly what this is written for.

Introducing Dermalift

Dermalift procedure

Dermalift is a technique discovered by a South Korean plastic surgeon named Lee Young Seob. Dr. Seob is a popular aesthetic doctor among Southeast Asian celebrities.

Working with celebrities brought one major problem concerning the use of Botox to Dr. Seob’s attention. In the traditional way of using Botox, the substance is injected deep into the facial muscles in order to disable contraction, resulting in the reduction of the appearance of facial lines and wrinkles. However, for Dr. Seob’s celebrity clients (a lot of which are actors), this proved to be a downside. Immovable muscles meant an expressionless and stiff-looking face. Not good for the cameras.

Dr. Seob was determined to address this concern. He was in search of ways to effectively use Botulinum Toxin A or BOTOX in lifting the face without having to temporarily impair the function of facial muscles. In the dermalift method, Dr. Seob administered the BOTOX injection only into the layer of the skin, not penetrating the muscles of the face. The result? An instantly firmer and lifted-looking skin that continued to improve within the following weeks!

Tell me more!

We’re getting to that. I am sure that you are now curious how this procedure works and if this actually suits you. But, before we go on further, let us see if you are a perfect candidate for this treatment.

Dermalift is suited for patients who:

  • Are in their late 20s to 30s
  • Have minimal to moderate sagging skin or wrinkles
  • Have only a short time to spare for procedures
  • Have minimal to zero downtime for recovery
  • Want immediate facelift results

If you have checked everything on that list, then you are highly suitable for this treatment.

Dermalift basics – what happens during and after treatment?

As mentioned, Dermalift is only injected into the skin layer or intra-dermal layer. There are only certain points on the face where this is done:

  • Along the jawlines
  • In front of the ears
  • Outside of the hairline

Dermalift area of effect

Once injected, the botulinum toxin A or BOTOX works to speed up the reformation of the cellular cytoskeleton of the skin cells into binding groups of collagen and elastin together. At the same time, the skin starts to generate more collagen.

A successful injection of BOTOX using the Dermalift technique will result in the instant facelift. Patients will immediately notice that their skin looks tighter and the shape of their face well defined while still being able to move facial muscles. The positive effects of the treatment continue to develop within the course of 1 to 2 weeks. Results of a Dermalift procedure will linger for at least 3 to 5 months.

To continue enjoying the benefits of a more youthful face, I recommend getting maintenance of Dermalift injections in an interval of 3 to 4 months.

Aside from the face, Dermalift may also be administered to other parts of the body, such as the bootie area (instant butt lift), ankles, and lower leg sides.

What are the BOTOX brands used for Dermalift?

Dr Israr Wong has a lot of practice with both Dermalift & Dysport has a very informative and detailed article about Dermalift fillers on his website.

There is only one botulinum toxin A or BOTOX brand that is used for Dermalift and that is Dysport. This is the brand that Dr. Seob experimented on and gained successful results. Using other BOTOX brands for Dermalift may not give the same results that Dysport can produce.

What is the key to getting optimum results with Dermalift?

Getting optimum results with the use of Dermalift involves some key factors. First, your chosen doctor should know and have the proper training and skill to administer a Dermalift procedure. Not all aesthetic doctors in Singapore are trained to do this, so I would suggest checking out their services first before booking a consultation if your only goal is to find a practitioner that can do this specific procedure.

Next, a doctor that is expert in doing this procedure will know the ratio of diluting Dysport and how to inject it properly, reaching only the intradermal layer of the skin. Otherwise, the result of your Dermalift will not be effective.