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Genioplasty in Singapore – A Guide to Chin Augmentation

When you’re not happy with the shape of your chin, genioplasty is a perfect solution. This procedure can be done either by adding implants into the chin or by removing parts of the jawbone in order to create the desired shape. This all depends on the effects you’re looking for. Read on if you want to learn all about genioplasty in Singapore.

What is genioplasty?

Genioplasty is a procedure that changes the shape of the chin. This can either be making the chin firmer (often for men) or making the chin smaller and more feminine. In other cases, abnormalities in the chin’s shape are improved. Depending on the results you want, a different method is used to achieve the desired shape and look.

Chin Augmentation

When trying to reduce your chin size, the procedure is slightly more intrusive as the excess bone in the jaw and chin is removed. If you’re just looking to reshape your chin or create a firmer appearance, then the procedure is less intrusive and also recovery time is reduced.

Often, the changes that will be made to your face are rendered using a computer. This allows you to see what your face will look like after the surgery, which helps to lower the barrier to entry and ensures you know what to expect after the surgery.

Reducing chin size

The procedure for reducing your chin size consists of two things. First, your jaw size is reduced by removing a part of the outside of your jaw. This is often just excess bone and doesn’t affect the structure or steadiness of your jaw. Once this is done, a section of the bone around your chin is cut into three pieces, and the middle piece is removed.

After this, the two outside pieces are reattached back together, therefore creating a smaller and pointier chin. The results are nothing short of amazing and this procedure often greatly improves appearance, making you look more youthful.


Implants follow the same process up to the point that bone is removed. Instead of removing parts of the chin and jaw, implants are applied to the bone in order to reshape the area to the desired look. Once the jaw surgery is done, the area is stitched up and the recovery can begin.

When it comes to chin implants however, there can be some differences from one implant to another. The material can make a huge difference, as a porous material can integrate with the bone, yet is difficult to remove if this is ever desired by the patient. On the other hand, a silicone implant doesn’t have the advantage of it integrating with the bone, but this does mean the implant can be removed in future if needed.

What are the risks?

As with any surgery, there are risks involved. Some of the best ways to mitigate risks are in your own hands and consist of finding an experienced surgeon and finding the right clinic to get eth treatment done, explains Dr Seah Tian Ee, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon at TES Clinic.

The main risks associated with a genioplasty in Singapore consist of issues in the face, as well as bleeding and infection. Bleeding and infection are two risks that come about in any surgery, and all good clinics will have measures in place to prevent this, as well as proper procedures in case this does happen on rare occasion.

The risks regarding loss of control over facial muscles if incisions are made in the wrong place or nerve damage as a result of accidentally hitting a nerve are the most prominent. However, with a good surgeon, these things are unlikely to occur.

What’s the best option for me?

V-shaped chin

This really depends on the results you expect from the treatment. If you want your chin to appear fuller and more defined, then implants are the way to go. Depending on your situation and the advice from your specialist, you’ll go with either a silicone implant or an implant made from a porous material.

If you want to get that treasured V-shaped chin, then the operation to reduce your chin size is the best solution. Even though there are a few less intrusive options for achieving similar results, these are often a lot less effective and take up a lot of time.


The recovery process after genioplasty is relatively quick, but it does somewhat depend on the operation you’ve decided to go for. With implants, the recovery time is a little shorter. That being said, expect a recovery time of a day or two before you can start going about your day, and a full recovery time of a matter of weeks after the operation.

The exact recovery time you’ll need will depend on your personal situation and things like sensitivity and how the operation went.


Genioplasty is a popular procedure in Singapore, and there are many good clinics that can help in shaping your chin to the desired size and look. Whether you’re looking to make your chin more defined by way of fillers, or you’re searching for a way to get that sought-after V-shape in your face, we hope that this article has helped you make the right decision.