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Tattoo Removal Singapore Cost – How many Laser Sessions does it Take?

Tattoos are gaining mainstream popularity these days with people getting them for various reasons. Cultural reasons were primarily the basis of past tattooing. In today’s age, people get tattoos for personal reasons – mostly in celebration of some significant events of their lives.

In the same manner, many are choosing to have their tattoos removed as well. Fortunately, tattoo removal has gotten more accessible, thanks to our times’ latest technology.

Laser removal has become the most widely used nowadays. There are still various traditional means of getting rid of body ink, but many experts favour the previous method as it yields a higher success rate, leaving no scars or pigmentation trace behind.

What is Laser Tattoo Removal?

Laser (Light Amplification by Stimulated Emission of Radiation) therapy is a kind of treatment that uses specific light wavelengths and transforms them into beams. These light beams are what break up the colour pigments into tiny bits, making them easier to be absorbed in the skin and eliminating a tattoo after several sessions. Sometimes, removing an inking by a laser can cause minor soreness, but you can always opt to get anaesthesia for the procedure.

Other side effects reported by some include redness and swelling in the area. Blistering and scabs are possible while bruising to be experienced as well. Hypo and hyperpigmentation are other common effects after getting this particular treatment. Proper aftercare should be strictly followed to avoid infections or irritation.

Laser Tattoo Removal

How Many Sessions Are Needed and How Much Does It Cost?

There are different kinds of laser tattoo removal available nowadays, and the price varies for each. The latest and more advanced laser technology would cost more than the traditional ones. According to 1Aesthetics, Medical & Surgery tattoo removal in Singapore estimated cost is between $700-$1200 every session. Overall, the price is also conditional on how many sessions will it take to have them completely removed. In turn, skin colour, tattoo size, its location, and the colours used will determine how many sessions should be taken to eliminate the ink on the skin completely. Let’s look at each of the following factors.

Skin Colour

  • People with lighter skin will have a tattoo easier removed compared to those with a darker skin tone. It is because darker skin takes in more light from the laser, weakening its beam. As a result, more laser sessions are taken by dark-skinned people who wish to remove their tattoo, consequently making it more expensive.

Tattoo Size and Colour

  • Smaller, single-coloured tattoos are effortlessly removed compared to bigger, multi-coloured ones. With a smaller area to focus on, the laser beam will be better absorbed by the skin. More colour intricate tattoos will require particular laser types since it uses a different wavelength. It makes it more expensive than its counterpart.

Tattoo Location

  • Blood circulation is a big factor that affects how much a tattoo fades even after getting laser removal treatment. It goes to say that a tattoo closer to the chest area is faster to erase than those located around the limbs and ankles where the blood cannot flow well.

Considering all these elements, tattoo removal cost in Singapore could total up to $2000 for simple ones while more intricate ones can be approximately up to $4,500. The number of sessions done can be at least 3 or 8 times for smaller tattoos but 10 or more sessions at most for a bigger inking. The treatment can be taken 6 or 8 weeks apart as well.

Tatoo Removal Cost

Other Tattoo Removal Options

Laser Tattoo removal can be quite costly, and for people who are looking for a much budget-friendly option, the following might be for you. See also 10 Truths About Tattoo Removal in Singapore.

Intense Pulse Light (IPL) Removal

  • It works the same way as a laser does as it uses a light beam to remove the epidermis or outermost layer of the skin. As the skin repairs itself, the tattoo becomes less visible. Repeating the treatment will completely get rid of the tattoo eventually.

Surgical Excision Tattoo Removal

  • It is an invasive tattoo removal surgery where the skin is cut off and re-attached with stitches. It is considered effective to remove inked skin though it leaves scarring afterwards accurately.


  • It involves the removal of skin layers, making the ink leak out of the skin. This type of treatment is not suitable for people with more skin sensitivity or those suffering from several skin conditions.

Removal Cream for Tattoo

  • Though not considered as effective as its counterparts, many people opt this out due to its cheap nature and convenience to use. Mostly, these kinds of creams can only remove the ink in the outer skin layer.